Products & Services

Be assured that all our products and services meet the specific industrial standards and are of the most competitive prices and
quality. The most common bunker grades supplied are:

- Fo-380cst (ISO 8217: 2005e: RMG 380)
- Fo-180cst (ISO 8217: 2005e: RME 180)
- Fo-Below 180cst (ISO 8217: 2005e: RMG 380cst except viscosity)
- MDO (ISO 8217: 2005e: DMB/C except pourpoint)
- MGO (ISO 8217: 2005e: DMA except pourpoint)

At the same time, we inculcate environmental concerns into our values, ensuring due attention is paid to our natural
environment in the course of our work.

The group is proud to be one of the accredidated suppliers under the MPA scheme, conforming to SS: 600 supply

A value added service that we provide our clients is the contract we have with international laboratories in Singapore and
on a global basis. This entitles us to make, at any given time, a quality analysis of the products we supply.